Jong Arms
Jong Arms
Jong Arms

Preparedness:  Why we do what we do!

Jong Arms are a portable and affordable training tool for martial artist that give them the ability to train “anytime anywhere”. Jong Arms were developed to be the portable version of the Mok yan Jong or “Wooden Dummy”. The Wooden Dummy teaches martial artist correct angle, balance, accuracy, timing, positioning, speed, flow and power. It also develops external and internal conditioning. Consisting of three beautifully hand crafted wooden arms attached to a high grade steel support plate; Jong Arms is a highly effective and durable training tool. The 4ft foot straps allow for easy assembly and disassembly at any height. Jong Arms weighs roughly 8 pounds but still delivers the resistance and durability needed to be a functional training partner. Jong Arms attaches to just about any beam, pole, post or tree. Which makes training in any environment a real possibility … Jong Arms are a must have for any serious martial artist!
Lightweight, and Portable
Beautifully Crafted
Cost Effective
Sturdy, Durable, and Rugged
Virtually unbreakable
Easy To Install / Uninstall